March 2012 Newsletter

Think Spring!!

Spring is a time of warmer weather, sweatshirts and shorts, long walks, visits to the nursery, and planting gardens. It is a season of growth that beckons us to go outside. We hope that your business and life will move forward by leaps and bounds during this energizing season. And remember, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” – Robin Williams

The Real Cost of Upgrading without Training

No upgrade training? We often hear of companies investing significant dollars in new software or upgrades while deferring the cost of high quality instructor-led training. Has your company upgraded to Office 2007 or 2010 without offering any formal training program, citing budget limitations as the reason?

What is the real / hidden cost of NOT training? We know that the average user loses 20-40+ hours of productivity in the first few months alone if upgraded without training. That’s huge – like giving all the employees an extra week of free vacation time! Take a look at the chart below and you will see how dramatic the lost productivity cost can be.

Employee Salary Salary per Hour with Benefits 20 Hour Labor Loss per Employee Upgrading without Training Loss without Training for 10 Employees
$40K $27.00 $540.00 $5,400.00
$60K $40.00 $800.00 $8,000.00
$90K $61.00 $1,220.00 $12,200.00
$125K $84.00 $1,680.00 $16,800.00

Calculate your company’s gain if even one of these employees learned techniques that actually saved 20 hours of labor time per year, and could accomplish even more on the job on an ongoing basis for years to come. That’s a significant ROI for a maximum $159.00/person 3-hour investment in Office Upgrade training! (Be sure to ask us about your discounts for training groups of employees.)

Featured Class: Pivot Tables

Spring brings new beginnings. We think of Spring as an opportunity to learn new skills. Have you found that you would like to know more about Pivot Tables?

Pivot Tables is a one-day class covering all facets of what is arguably the single, most powerful feature in Microsoft Excel. At the end of the course, participants will understand what Pivot Tables are and should have a broad understanding of the features and functions of Pivot Tables. For further information, click on our Class Schedules.

In celebration of our 14th year, we are offering 14% off our Pivot Tables classes in March and April. Version 2003 is being held Tuesday March 27th and Versions 2007 & 2010 are being held Thursday, March 14th. Call us or register on-line, and let us know you would like to receive your 14% discount!

Celebrate Spring with Flower Power

Today is the first day of Spring! To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to “test” your flower power. Match the spring flowers below with the correct names, and send your answers to us at If you correctly identify all the flowers, we’ll perform a little magic and send you a surprise!

A. California Poppy H. Icelandic Poppy
B. Calla Lily I. Marshmallow
C. Cherry Blossoms J. Pansies
D. Daffodils K. Paper White Narcissus
E. Daisy L. Primrose
F. Freesia M. Rose
G. Hyacinths N. Tulips


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