January 2012 Newsletter

14 is our “Magic” Number!

Happy New Year! We are excited about the possibilities that this New Year will bring us and all of you! Fourteen is our "Magic" number this year as we celebrate our 14th Anniversary. We’re going to make 14 be magical for you all year long – stay tuned for more!

Here are a few highlights from 1998 when we first went into business:

  • Bill Clinton was President.
  • Google did not exist on January 5th when we opened our doors. Google’s official start date was September 4, 1998. Whatever did we do without it?
  • Apple started the “Think Different” Campaign, which included unveiling the iMac. “Selling the Sizzle” brought the Apple brand back to public awareness and began a trend that continues today.
  • The Academy Award went to “Shakespeare in Love.”
  • Windows 98 was released by Microsoft.

Our wish for all of you is that you experience 14 things this year:

  1. You keep your New Year's resolutions (more than one day!)
  2. You prosper
  3. You are healthy
  4. Your family is safe
  5. You find Joy
  6. You get back as much as you give
  7. You take time to BE
  8. You take a walk in the rain and smell how clean the air is
  9. You wake up each morning feeling good
  10. You set aside some time for yourself
  11. You challenge yourself to learn new things
  12. You make someone else smile
  13. You laugh a LOT
  14. You try to make the world a better place

Class Schedules for January-June 2012

When Times are Tough…the Tough get Training at Computer Magic Training – Software Training Classes

Your opportunity for success in this economic environment may depend upon employees taking on additional responsibilities. Help your employees be successful; provide them with training that will increase their proficiency and efficiency, using available software tools. Computer Magic Training can assess your employees’ skill levels and develop a customized plan to increase your employees’ effectiveness. We offer training at your offices or public classes at our facility. Let us help!

Computer Magic Training

Take a peek: our January-June Computer Class Schedule is on our website for your planning and online registrations.

And our Class Schedule Brochure is also available for printing and PDF downloading. Thanks for all your inquiries about our class dates – here they are, uploaded for your quick ‘n’ easy online reference.

Business Magic Training

Newly updated! Our Professional Development Course List includes Engineering, Manufacturing, and Reliability courses.

What is OUR New Year’s Resolution?

Our New Year’s resolution is to help YOU succeed. We truly appreciate your ongoing partnership and support as we continue to grow and expand to meet your organizational training needs and goals. May 2012 be a productive growth year. Cheers to the New Year!


Let us empower you and your employees to achieve success in your professional goals and increase your productivity with individual or group classes of the highest quality! Please call us at (408) 261-2600 or email us at info@ComputerMagicTraining.com.

Visit us at www.ComputerMagicTraining.com and www.BusinessMagicTraining.com for more information & on-line registration!