August 2012 Newsletter

Magical Stimulus Package

The news has been full of talk about needing to stimulate the economy. So, with Labor Day in mind, we are announcing our own “Magical Stimulus Package.”

Take 3 classes for the price
of 2 – a 33% discount!

  • Take any 3 standard classes ($239 each) for only $159.33 each. Bundling these classes will save you $239.
  • Take any 3 premium classes ($349 each) for only $232.67 each. Bundling these classes will save you $349.

To register online, choose 3 identically-priced classes and type “Magic Stimulus Package” in the Comments Field and your discount will be applied automatically. Or, give us a call at 408-261-2600, mention this package, and we will personally register you.

This package must be prepaid in full at least 3 business days prior to the start of the first selected class. Total tuition is non-refundable after that date, but classes may be rescheduled at no additional charge. Classes must be taken by the end of December, 2012. These classes are eligible for unlimited Free Class Repeats on a space-available basis for as long as we offer the class.

Business Magic Training Makes House Calls!

We bring our expert facilitators to teach at your location. Need customized solutions to your organizational challenges? Need to help your workforce develop professionally? To drive results in achieving your business goals and objectives? Then take a look at what the expert Facilitators at Business Magic Training can provide for your staff.

We now have over 100 courses in many categories, including:

  • Business Skills – Business Writing, Etiquette, Facilitation, Meetings, Communication
  • Hiring, Supervising, Management, Leadership, Team Building, Diversity
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Employee Wellness
  • Engineering Reliability
  • Quality & Manufacturing Management

All our courses can be customized and blended to deliver specific solutions, while taking good care of your budget and time restraints. These content-rich classes can be customized for half-day, full-day or multiple-day programs, depending on your needs and the topics to be covered.

We recently delivered a very successful Presentations class that condensed our 2-day program (Preparing Effective Presentations and Delivering Effective Presentations) into a customized 1-day program. See the column on the right to read what our students had to say!

Enhance your teams’ capabilities and contributions with Training that Works….Like MAGIC!

Writer’s Block

Parallel Structure

Parallel structure uses the same structure of words to indicate that they have the same weight or importance. It adds balance and flow to your writing and provides clarity by creating a pattern that’s easy for your reader to follow. Here are some examples:

Words ending with the -ing form:

Sonia likes painting, sculpting, and sewing.

Infinitive phrases:

Sonia likes to paint, to sculpt, and to sew.
(Note: You can use “to” before all of the verbs or only before the first one.)

If you mix the forms, you lose the flow:
Sonia likes painting, sculpting, and to sew.


  • Indenting Text
  • Using Custom Tab Stops
  • Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Setting Line Breaks
  • Using Borders and Shading

You Try It:

See if you can rewrite these sentences using parallel structure:

  • When we go camping, we like fishing, hiking, and to swim.
  • My manager praised me for working hard on the project and because I went above and beyond the call of duty.

*See Writer’s Block suggested answers in right-hand column.


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