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Excel Pivot Tables Class

Pivot tables are a powerful feature in Excel that enable you to manipulate data with simple dragging and dropping. Pivot tables allow you to sort, filter, group, count, summate, and format data easily and efficiently. Unlike our other Excel courses, this class focuses specifically on Pivot Tables. Students will work heavily on hands-on activities with an instructor to explore the variety of features within Pivot Tables and tackle different scenarios for when to use them.

Our pivot table training builds off of topics contained in our Excel Intro and Intermediate courses. Although not required, we do highly recommend that students take Excel Advanced beforehand to receive a general overview before delving deep into pivot tables.

Introducing Pivot Tables and Basic Pivot Table Structure

Learn what a pivot table actually is and familiarize yourself with the basic structure and navigation of the features within pivot tables:

  • What's a Pivot Table?
  • Pivot Table Structure
  • Create a Pivot Table

Creating Pivot Tables and Working with Source Data

Explore the considerations you will need to make when preparing your source data for use in a pivot table. Foundation is key:

  • Source Data Considerations
  • Using a Single Worksheet Source
  • Changes to Source Data

Working with Pivot Table Options

Understand how to work with fields and modify options in your pivot table:

  • Working with Row and Column Label Fields
  • Working with Value Fields
  • Working with Report Filter Fields
  • Pivot Table Report Layout Options
  • Setting Pivot Table Options

Grouping and Calculating

Walk through the process of grouping data and creating calculated fields:

  • Grouping Pivot Table Data
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Creating Caluclated Items

Sorting and Filtering

Discover new insights in your data by learning to sort and filter your data:

  • Sorting Pivot Tables
  • Filtering Pivot Tables
  • Expanding and Collapsing Fields and Items

Creating Data Subsets

Analyze and extract detail from a pivot table and understand what the data might implicate:

  • Extracting Detail Data from a Pivot Table
  • Drill-down on a Value Cell
  • Show Report Filter Pages

Creating Pivot Charts

Learn to create a pivot chart that adjusts to sorts, filters, and groups:

  • What is a Pivot Chart?
  • Creating Pivot Charts


  • Excel Intro and Intermediate, or equivalent experience.

Revised 1/14/16