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Microsoft Excel's array of analytic capabilities make it an invaluable problem-solving tool in any context. However, to use Excel's most sophisticated features effectively requires more than a knowledge of the application's formulas and menu options. To take your mastery of Excel to the next level, you require the ability to apply Excel's arsenal of analytic tools to derive meaning from the data and arrive at more effective solutions. This Excel Expert Techniques provides you with practical experience using the application's most powerful features and sophisticated data analysis techniques to develop better solutions faster, and implement those solutions with a greater understanding of the complex set of factors which affect your business outcomes. The skills you gain as a result of this training will distinguish you from your competitors, and from your colleagues, in terms of your ability to use Excel to its full capacity.

Analyzing Spreadsheet Data Effectively with Advanced Formulas

  • Derive meaning from the results of statistical formulas ... without being a statistician!
  • Combine information and logical functions to write formulas which respond to the contents of specific cells.
  • Analyze investments rapidly with built-in financial functions.
  • Create array formulas to perform calculations on a series of cell values simultaneously.

Taking PivotTable Analysis to the Next Level

  • Isolate PivotTable data which cannot be grouped by sorting or filtering with custom grouping.
  • Build custom calculations to summarize PivotTable data based on the values of related cells.
  • Create calculated fields which modify the way PivotTable data is displayed in relation to other data.

Creating Powerful, Customizable Dashboards to Display Key Data in a Single View

  • Design dashboards for optimum usability which highlight data of greatest decision making value.
  • Enable consumers of your data to customize dashboard layout and content.
  • Test dashboard layouts rapidly for an optimal end product.

Enhancing Spreadsheet Functionality with Powerful, Multi-Purpose VBA Macros

  • Understand the full power of macros, not only to automate but to engage and empower users of your spreadsheet.
  • Master key techniques to design macros which are both flexible and robust.
  • Manage a large number of macros with a minimum of effort.

Giving Users Control Over the Way They Interact with Spreadsheet Data

  • Communicate information of greatest value to spreadsheet users with custom message box displays.
  • Enable users to provide input to control the way macros perform.
  • Integrate logic into the functionality of macros, responding intelligently to user behavior.


  • Experience with advanced Excel features such as lookups, macros and functions

Revised 1/14/16