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LiveOnline Training Process

The following steps need to be completed prior to the start of the LiveOnline Learning class. This will ensure that the class will run smoothly:

  1. Register for the Course(s) you want to take via our website.
  2. Email Confirmation - You will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Immediate Contact – The Instructor will contact you to make sure you have the proper software version installed, verify your computer setup, and ensure that you understand how remote training operates. This is an opportunity for the instructor to discern your unique training needs in order to tailor the class around those requirements.
  4. Invitation Email - Two days prior to the class, you will receive an invitation email explaining the following:
    • How to download the exercises.
    • How to print the courseware.
    • Verification of the start time of the class.
    • A web link will be provided connecting you to the class.
    • A phone number will be provided if you have no headset available.
  5. On the Day and Time of the Class - Click on the link provided in the email invitation to connect to the online session. The class will be active 30 minutes prior to the start time of the class. Please don't wait until the last minute in case something doesn't work.
  6. Questions - If there are any questions, you will be able to contact the instructor using the phone number provided.

The following are the computer layouts that work best:

Online Setup


Contact us at or (408) 261-2600 with any questions.