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History and Mission Statement of
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Our History  Computer Magic Training was founded over 21 years ago in January 1998 by Sharon RootSharon Root as a high-quality computer software training and consulting business in San Jose, CA. We created Computer Magic Training to respond to the needs of organizations by providing:

We have continuously expanded the scope of our offerings and services to meet the needs of our customers. We have added new training partnerships, focused software productivity coaching, a wider range of consulting services, a greatly expanded computer curriculum, and professional development training and coaching services.

We are a customer-service driven organization, and we place a high priority on hiring coaches internally to continuously improve the quality of our own customer support service levels.

In April 2018, Computer Magic Training was acquired by MOTIVAIM, and we are proud to be a Division of MOTIVAIM. We continue to support our Computer Magic and Business Magic brands, websites and training class schedules, and are committed to the same high level of training, coaching and support for our clients and students.

Sharon Root is now our Vice President of Training Development, continuing our customer-service driven tradition of quality and dedication to our students’ and clients’ customized needs for learning and professional development.

We are growing our Executive Coaching and Business Coaching service at, specializing in customized, holistic approaches to:

We employ Lean Initiatives and Systems Thinking methodologies to provide a “new breed” of Business Coaching services with our extraordinary team of consultants, coaches and facilitators.

Our Mission  Computer Magic Training's mission is to empower and transform employees with computer skills and professional development skills resulting in increased employee productivity, creativity and contribution levels. We provide the highest level of support, respect and care for our clients, students, trainers, employees, training partners and vendors, developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.